We Move Greenville!

Free rides on Main Street. 

Call for a pick up and 

drop-off for $5.00

About Us

We pick you up and Drop you OFF!


Hop In is Grenville's premier downtown rider service on Main St. See us, flag us down and just Hop In. It's that simple.

Have an event or special occassion, call us and we will be your downtown private transportation service.

A Smart Choice


If Main St. is your destination, Hop In can get you where you are going, right now. It's Electric.

A Safe Choice


Even our own Mayor Knox White rides Hop In!


Sign up to hear from us about ride sharing meetup events.

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We want to hear from you!

New to Hop In, if you see us on main just wave us down. The ride is free. If you would like us to pick you up at a time and place and deliver you the cost is $5.00. 

Hop In Greenville!

1 North Main Street, Greenville, South Carolina 29601, United States


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